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Magic Wand Scent Roller

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A whimsical mix of Vanilla Poundcake and crisp, tart Lemon make this scent a delicious eye-opener!

Ace of Spades

You’ll have hints of Sandalwood and Pine (with a puff of Pacific Musk) up your sleeve with this fresh, watery scent.


Essential oil works its wonders in this rich, mouthwatering Almond.


Light, sophisticated, and sexy, this ghost of a scent has white amber notes with whispers of white tea, vanilla and anise.

Crystal Ball

Gaze into your sweet and yummy future with this irresistible Peppermint Vanilla.


Coconut, vanilla, and Angel Food Cake give this its divine name. Our prediction: You’ll love it!

Hocus Pocus

This luscious Orange Vanilla smells so much like a shape-shifted creamsicle, you’ll feel edible just wearing it!

My Lovely Assistant

A bouquet of Roses, Violets, and Geraniums lend their beauty to this light and pretty floral fragrance.


Daring and taboo, we’ve combined two addictions – deep, dark chocolate and sweet tobacco – to create an irresistible, tempting delight.

Obey the Mistress

Her sharp and spiky leather will knock you to your knees… and leave you begging for more.

Poison Apple

Our Apple Cider spell is cast with Brown Sugar, Cloves, and Buttered Rum. Danger has never smelled so good.


Bright and crisp, this zingy citrus blend smells a lot like 7-up!

Sim Sala Bim

This warm, indulgent Chai with notes of Eastern spices conjures up images of magical lands. Cinnamon, Ginger, Sandalwood, and Cardamom round out the carpet ride.

Smoke and Mirrors

Campfire in a bottle, with hints of grass and earth. Mystical and grounded, only the boldest wizards and witches are worthy of its wear.


You know that off-the shelf antique book smell you sneak to the library for? This is it. Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber, Leather, Dirt – it’s an earthy combination that smells like a REAL Grimoire.


Maple is the secret weapon in this enchanting and elegant scent. Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, and Hazelnut give hints of a beautiful future.


Roasted Nut and Orange Peel combine their saucy sorcery for a delectable, indulgent, scent-ual experience.


Completely unscented, this is your skin’s Secret Weapon – these products go on the skin to get the job done, and leave no trace behind.

Description: A long-lasting and convenient way to smell magnificent all day! Just roll on the oil, and poof! Your favorite scent will appear! This 1/3oz bottle is the perfect size to carry with you everywhere, so you’re always ready for a magical moment!

Available Sizes: 1/3 oz. Roller Bottle

Ingredients: Fragrance or Essential Oil and Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Oil.

1 review for Magic Wand Scent Roller

  1. Adrienne

    The Magic Wand Scent Roller has made ME believe in magic! The roller ball dispenses the perfect amount of the concentrated scent making it hard to “over-do” the fragrance (meaning no-one around you gets a headache) and easy to touch-up if the scent has worn down during the day— but I’ve found I get 5 hours out of two-three swipes of the roller (one on each wrist and sometimes I roll a bit of scent on my neck) – which in itself is a magic trick as most perfumes evaporate into my skin in less than 1/2 an hour (if not less)!

    OBEY THE MISTRESS is the Scent Roller I’m currently bewitched by – I describe the smell as “the scent of sin on skin” it’s deceptively simple fragrance in the Scent Roller lures you to it, but once it’s applied- wow!

    Intimate and boldly sexy in a way that feel oh-so-naughty, tough but still edged with a slight sweetness —to me conjures images of wearing a bad-boy’s worn leather jacket on skin that’s been dusted in mother of pearl. OBEY THE MISTRESS really does smell like the masculine yielding to the feminine.

    How they bottled this scent is a mystery! It’s replaced all my other leather based perfumes permanently.

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